Outdoor Noticeboard

Size: A4
Backing Material: Felt
Sale price£39.99

Including VAT


The Outdoor Noticeboard is an external noticeboard wall mounted, rather than post mounted. It is made with a mitred silver anodised aluminium frame, felt or hollow backing and vandal resistant Polycarbonate front cover, making the unit suitable for outdoor environments. The board is secure locking, perfect for keeping the information away from vandals. It is an ideal unit for displaying important advertisements or general information. The hollow backed material is Correx and comes with clips for pinning your poster down. The Felt backed board is a felt back panel, like a traditional indoor Noticeboard, ideal for the use of pins, velcro can also be used to hold your display in place. The product comes complete with 2 sets of keys allowing you to lock the board.

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