Magnetic Whiteboard Aluminium Frame

Size: 600x450mm
Type: Premium
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The Magnetic Whiteboard is a smooth dry wipe surfice with an aluminium frame. You can attach visual components to the board using magnets. This has been the staple product for visual learning, teaching, explaining and innovating since the retirement of the blackboard. The product can be attached to the wall either sideways or lengthways, however you prefer. No additional components are required to be purchased fix the product to the wall. The premium product has a thicker core for a more quality feel, the economy board is the standard product with a standard thickness. Either product will service your requirement, the feel is entirely based on preference.


What is the weight of this item?

900x600 is 3.9kg, up to ‎22 kg for 2400x1200, due to the area in which the weight is dispersed it is reasonably light.

how well does it clean?

It cleans very easily, it doesn't leave a trace when cleaned with a normal wiper. You dont need to spray to remove the pen.

Is it waterproof to have outside permanently?

No, the writing would wash off in the rain, an outdoor noticeboard would be a better option.

Does it come flat like it is on the picture or in pieces?

It comes flat and well protected it is not in individual pieces.

Does it come with hooks to attach on wall?

No it comes with screws and plugs

Can it be portrait or landscape?

The four corners are pre-fixed so you can use it portrait or landscape.

Can I attach it to the wall with velcro?

The smaller boards are relatively light so this may be possible, but for the optimal experience and safety this should really be screwed to the wall.

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